Dr Minoo Moghaddam

Dr Minoo Moghaddam is NanoMed cofounder and Co-CEO. She has over 25 years of research experience in drug delivery and nanotechnology for medical applications, including the development of novel cationic nanoparticles for gene delivery and gene therapy for cancer. She served as a senior principal research scientist and leader of the nanomedicine group at CSIRO up until 2016. Her work in prodrug lipid-based nanomedicine was focused on developing cancer therapeutics and imaging materials for early diagnosis of cancer. She founded the company NanoMed to commercialise this platform technology as various nanomedicine products. Dr Moghaddam is the co-inventor of several families of patents. Her co-invention on photo-crosslinked hyaluronic acid in her early career in Japan has now been developed and commercialised to the product Gel-one® for the treatment of osteoarthritis.
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