NanoMed’s core technology is built on the design, synthesis, formulation and biological evaluation of novel lipid-based nanoparticles for medical applications (nanomedicine). NanoMed’s approach is distinct, in that it’s starting drugs are water-soluble and pharmacologically potent anti-cancer agents with low bioavailability and high toxicity. 


The majority of nanomedicines on the market, as well as in innovation pipelines, consist of nano carriers or vessels in which the active drug is physically encapsulated within, or adsorbed to, the nanoparticulate structure. These vessels typically carry a limited amount of the active drug relative to their own weight, and a proportion of the drug is likely to leak prior to reaching the cancer cells. NanoMed’s novel prodrug nanomedicine has a fundamentally different composition which offer many clinical advantages.


Lipids form the backbone of our nanomedicine. Lipids are biomimetic, and therefore any risk of product or secondary clinical toxicity is minimised. The prodrugs in our nanomedicines are less toxic than the active drugs which form once the prodrugs enter cancer cells. 

NanoMed’s prodrugs are loaded within the membrane of the nanoparticle and are protected from degradation by a PEG coating on the outer surface of the nanoparticles. The products remaining after biodegradation of the nanoparticles are endogenous and biocompatible, and can be absorbed and/or excreted readily by the body.

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