Prodrug Nanomedicine

NanoMed’s core technology is built on the design, synthesis, formulation and biological evaluation of novel lipid-based nanoparticles for medical applications (nanomedicine). NanoMed’s approach is distinct, in that it’s starting drugs are water-soluble and pharmacologically potent anti-cancer agents with low bioavailability and high toxicity. 

The conventional forms of the drugs are non-selective and can kill many healthy tissues and fast dividing cells; they also quickly excrete from the body, giving little time for localising in the cancerous tissues and cells. 

Our platform technology transforms the water-soluble drug into a less-toxic lipophilic prodrug that self assembles into highly stable nanoparticles. The end result is not only increased bioavailability and reduced toxicity, but a nanomedicine that selectively targets cancer cells, does not release its chemotherapeutic moiety until it reaches cancer cells, and further maximises efficacy via sustained drug release within the cancer cells. 

NanoMed’s proprietary nanomedicine can also embed hydrophobic drugs within the lipophilic membrane and carry several synergistic drugs in one nanoparticle.

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