Dr Cath Walker

Dr Cath Walker’s core academic training is in veterinary medicine and surgery (USyd), and was a clinical veterinarian and principal in small animal practice for 12 years. Her clinical PhD (USyd) involved pathology, immunology and virology, followed by post-doctoral research (MU and Cambridge) encompassing animal models of infectious disease and vaccine development. As a Senior Research Scientist at CSIRO, she developed animal models and novel investigative techniques providing preclinical data for the commercialisation of drug delivery technologies. Joining the Australian biotech Novogen, Dr Walker led a research group of biological scientists, interacting with the company’s large multi-disciplinary team of synthetic chemists, Production, QA/QC and Clinical Trial Groups, together with external collaborators from academia and the commercial sector. She developed two new clinical entities (NCEs) from a synthetic chemistry pipeline and delivered them into the clinic by managing six Phase I and II clinical trials. As the Oncology Medical Science Liaison with international pharma Boehringer Ingelheim, she created a company presence in the oncology landscape, forging relationships with oncologists across Australia, managed investigator-initiated clinical studies and provided a knowledge base and educative resource both internally and externally. Dr Walker also has many years’ experience as a Category A member of Animal Ethics Committees, reviewing a wide variety of approvals related to drug development and delivery, toxicity testing and PK studies using animal models of various disease processes.
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