Dr Maxine McCall

Dr Maxine McCall’s expertise is in nucleic-acid structure and function, and nanosafety. She has determined the sequence-specific structures of synthetic DNA molecules using x-ray crystallographic techniques; developed RNA-DNA hybrid catalysts as therapeutics to cleave deleterious RNA; developed micro-arrays containing modified DNA probes that diminish mis-pairing with target DNA; and developed methods for attaching synthetic DNA to carbon nanotubes and other nanoparticles for directed self-assembly of nanomaterials into functional devices. She has several families of patents from this work. Dr McCall was employed for 25 years at CSIRO. From 2008-2014 she developed and led CSIRO’s Nanosafety research program, a multi-disciplinary program to determine the effects of manufactured nanomaterials on human health and the natural environment. She was CSIRO’s representative on the Australian Government’s Nanotechnology HSE Working Group, and coordinated the large Australian consortium that participated in an international OECD program to test the safety of manufactured nanomaterials. Dr McCall is now an independent Nanosafety Consultant, CSIRO Honorary Fellow, NSW Coordinator for Friends of CSIRO, and a member of the Scientific Nanotechnology Advisory Group for FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand).
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